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Welcome to Expanding Horizons Farm!

Come thrive in the presence of God as you learn about His wonder filled creation

Expanding Horizons Farm is a Non-Profit children's ministry dedicated to teaching children about sustainable living and finding their sustenance in God. We are unique in our efforts of providing both a hands-on farm experience partnered with laying a foundation upon which kids can grow in their relationships with God.

Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, Expanding Horizons Farm is establishing roots in the heart of the agricultural world and planting seeds in the hearts of kiddos to seek out sustainable living. A HUGE Thank you to our amazing community for awarding us with the "Best of Fort Collins Award" this year! We are completely humbled and incredibly excited for all that the Lord is doing in our City!

We provide a constructive environment that allows children to learn about sustainable living while playing in God's creation. We partner with community members who focus on sustainable businesses in the area which allows us to expand our understanding of different fields. We strive to create together a safe, fun, and engaging learning environment that brings the Biblical teaching to LIFE.

Won't you join us?

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